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SeatMe is easier to use, more powerful, and $99/month. No cover fees.

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What perhaps most rankles restaurateurs is the reservation fee: $1 per patron.
All in, OpenTable receives an average of $635 a month from each of its client restaurants.
Unlike most large Web companies that built their businesses on cutting costs out of an industry and eliminating middlemen, OpenTable has managed to do the exact opposite. It has created a new middleman.
SeatMe has proved to be far easier to use than OpenTable. Our biggest concern with the switch was that we were going to lose reservations and that has not been the case. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to join!
Ayesha Pirbhai
GM of Samovar

Save money

No cover fees, no contracts, no installation fees. Cover fees are a thing of the past. Our theory is simple: when restaurants make more money, everyone wins. SeatMe is $99/month flat. No setup fees or cover fees or access fees. Imagine what you could do with all the money you'll save. Request a free demo
Legacy System
Setup fee $650 $0
Monthly subscription $199 $99
Cover fee $0.25 - $7.50 / cover $0
Web access fee $75/month Free
Contract Yes No
Cancellation fees Yes No

Anytime, anywhere access

Stay on top of your business from your back office, from your couch at home, or from a hotel across the country. Multiple users can access the same system at once, from any device anywhere in the world, at no additional fee! You’re no longer chained to an old PC terminal occupying prime space at the host stand.
Anytime Access

Automatic waitlists

Never lose a table on a last-minute cancellation again. Guests can elect to be messaged if a popular reservation slot opens up. Best of all, they can book the reservation on the spot, so your tables get filled automatically. Request a free demo
Waitlist Notification
Finally, you're back in the driver's seat
Your guests are your guests
Your legacy system is probably sending marketing emails to your guests inviting them to dine at your competitors. Worse, those "loyalty" points they receive can be used at your competitor next door. Choose a reservation system that believes that your guests are yours!
Easy to use
No custom hardware for you and your staff to deal with. Our iPad and web apps are designed to meet the needs of any employee - from a veteran GM to a new host or server. Set up your entire restaurant and schedule in minutes.
We care about our customers
All we want to do is make your life easier. Every customer has a dedicated account manager and support line. We treat support as a priority for all of our customers - not just for select high value customers!