5 Reasons to Choose SeatMe for Your Restaurant

OpenTable SeatMe
Set-up fee $650 $0
Monthly subscription $199 $99
Cover fee $1 - $2.50 per cover $0
Web access fee $75/month Free
Contract Yes No
Cancellation Fees? Yes No

Save Money

No cover fees, No contracts, No installation fees.

Cover fees are a thing of the past. Our theory is simple: when restaurants make more money, everyone wins. OpenTable gets most of their revenue from cover fees. We won't charge you a per-diner fee. Our pricing is simple: $99/month flat, all inclusive. Imagine what you could do with all the money you'll save.

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"With OpenTable, we used to block our most popular time slots from online availability so we didn’t have to pay the per-cover fee. With SeatMe, we’ve been able to make all of our tables available online for one monthly fee. We're saving thousands of dollars per month, and guests can book the tables they want. Everyone wins."
-Gerald Hirogoyen, Chef/Owner of Piperade1

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Access anytime and anywhere using a PC, Mac or iPad

Stay on top of your restaurant from home, while you're on the road, or back of the house, or any place with Internet service. Multiple users can access the same system helping you run your restaurant more effectively at no additional fee! You’re no longer chained to a clunky OpenTable terminal occupying prime space in front of the house.

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"What perhaps most rankles restaurateurs is the reservation fee: $1 per patron.
All in, OpenTable receives an average of $635 a month from each of its client restaurants."
-The New York Times2
Manage Wait Lists

Manage Wait Lists

One system manages Walk-ins, Phone-ins and Online Reservations

Quote accurate waiting times and text your wait listed guests when their table is ready. Guests can confirm or update by text. Instantly add their information to your guest book. Say goodbye to buzzers, pagers, clipboards and OpenTable!

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"Unlike most large Web companies that built their businesses on cutting costs out of an
industry and eliminating middlemen, OpenTable has managed to do the exact opposite. It has created a new middleman"

Retain Your Diners

Your reservation system should be loyal to you

Your regular diners are subject to marketing emails sent by OpenTable inviting them to dine at your competitors. Loyalty points earned by them while dining at your restaurant are not exclusive to your restaurant.
Choose a reservation system that believes that your guest are yours!

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"Restaurants paid OpenTable a fee to take their own customer base away from them and then paid OpenTable a per
reservation fee for the leasing back of its own customers for a meal."
-Onsite Consulting Blog4
Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Easy to Use, Get Started in Minutes

Our system was designed to accommodate needs of every front of the house restaurant employee -- from a veteran general manager to an inexperienced host or hostess. Set up your entire restaurant and schedule in minutes. We treat support as a priority for all our customers and not as priority support for select high value customers!

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"The argument that 15,000 restaurants are happy with Opentable’s prices only because they signed up is ludicrous,
and ignores that small businesses are terrified of falling behind."
-Gourmet Marketing